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Reviews of qualifications are ongoing and scheduled throughout the next five years

When a New Zealand qualification is listed, its ongoing review has already been planned for. Each qualification has a proposed review date, and most reviews will be for suites of related qualifications. We need to ensure New Zealand qualifications remain fit-for-purpose and will meet the future needs of industry as well as supporting a logical and accessible career pathway for trainees.

The starting point will be feedback on how much the qualifications are being used as well as their usefulness and deciding how this relates to the industry needs for the next five-year cycle. This may show that the qualifications need no change or indicate changes that might be required. Where changes to content and structure appear to be required it is likely a review group would be formed.

Review Group

The group will look at the sector from a strategic perspective. The results of their work are likely to include refinements to:

  • graduate profiles (what a trainee will be, know, and be able to do, when they have achieved the qualification)
  • strategic purpose statements (these identify why the qualifications should be on the NZQF)
  • qualification pathways that support logical career pathways/employment pathways
  • condition statements (a broad overview of training and assessment requirements for the individual outcomes).

Throughout the process, updates will be posted online and be distributed through other channels. For details of any currently active reviews, follow the links below.