Coordinated Incident Management Systems (CIMS)

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CIMS Unit Standard Feedback

Skills and the CIMS unit standard Working Group now invite the wider sector and New Zealand Public to provide feedback on the final draft unit standards.

Click on the links below and send your feedback for the draft unit standards to Jeanie Chew by 24 January 2020.

Please note:

    • 17279 (CIMS 2) has changed from Level 2 to Level 3 because it meets the NZQA Level 3 descriptor more appropriately.
    • 17279 is intended for people wanting a general introduction to CIMS.
    • 29553 and 29554 are intended for people who will participate in a response as generalists, and need operational knowledge of the Action Plan as it is critical to the response.
    • There will be a new Level 5 unit standard that is focused on the Planning function and the skills required as a specialist.
    • The unit standards have been developed to align with the CIMS 3rd edition.

Please contact Jeanie Chew for any further enquires.