Electronic Engineering qualification and unit standards feedback

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We invite the wider industry and New Zealand Public to provide feedback on the following draft documentation. Please email your agreement and/or feedback to Jeanie Chew (jeaniec@skills.org.nz) by Friday 4th December 2020.


The following qualifications are part of this project:

Ref: 2981 New Zealand Certificate in Electronic Engineering (Level 4)





  • Removed some Graduate Profile Outcomes around workplace safety, legislation, standards and company policies and procedures and embedded throughout the entire qualification and not as a discrete component;
  • Reduced overall credits for the qualification from 175 to 155.



Sending feedback, please answer:

  1. Will this qualification produce graduates needed for the industry?
  2. Are the expected competencies suitable?
  3. Are the education and employment opportunities suitable?



Reviewed Unit Standards

Each unit standard focuses on specific topics that must be assessed and covers the embedded knowledge and skills for some of the Graduate Profile Outcomes.  A unit standard guides all the assessment materials. The following unit standards are used in the existing programme, and have had minor amendments, additionally there are two newly developed unit standards too.

Please click on the links below to review each unit standard. Guidance has been provided in unit standard 8211 and applies across all units. Engineering and Technology > Electronic Engineering > Core Electronics

8211     Demonstrate and apply knowledge of switching power supplies

20712   Demonstrate and apply knowledge of d.c. principles for electronics technicians

20713   Demonstrate and apply knowledge of a.c. principles for electronics technicians

20714   Demonstrate and apply knowledge of digital principles for electronics technicians

20715   Demonstrate and apply knowledge of analogue electronics for electronics technicians

20615   Use electronic test equipment

20717   Demonstrate and apply knowledge of electronic filters, oscillators, and frequency synthesisers

26725   Demonstrate and apply knowledge of electronic product reliability and advanced electronic measurement and diagnosis

NEW3   Demonstrate knowledge of specialist equipment used in electronic repairs

NEW4   Describe and apply techniques for identifying and locating faults in electronic products or systems

8218   Carry out soldering and de-soldering of printed circuit board mounted components and printed circuit board repair