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Real Estate qualifications and units available for feedback

Skills and the Real Estate Consultation Group now invite the wider industry and New Zealand Public to provide feedback on the following draft documentation. Please email your agreement and/or feedback to Evangeleen Joseph ( by 5 pm Monday 7 September 2020.


The following qualifications are part of this project:

  New Zealand Certificate in Real Estate (Salesperson) Level 4 New Zealand Certificate in Real Estate (Specialist) Level 5 with strands in Business Broking, Commercial and Industrial, Residential, Rural


There have been minor amendments made but is largely the same.

This means the qualification is still fit for purpose.

Set to expire

This qualification has not been used since its approval in 2016.

Further information has been included in the qualification document.


Sending feedback, please answer:
  1. Will this qualification produce graduates needed for the real estate industry?
  2. Are the expected competencies suitable?
  3. Are the education and employment opportunities suitable?


Additional feedback will be sought from industry to explore how to support formalised training for Business Broking, Commercial and industrial, complex Residential, and Rural sales.


Salesperson unit standards

Each unit standard focuses on specific topics that must be assessed and covers the embedded knowledge and skills for all the graduate profile outcomes.  A unit standard guides all the assessment materials. The following unit standards are used in the existing programme and have had minor amendments.  The table below shows which unit standards meet which the qualification graduate outcomes.

Please click on the links below to review each unit standard. Guidance has been provided in unit standard 22311 and applies across all units.


Qualification outcomes Unit standards 

1. Operate as a real estate salesperson with knowledge of land ownership, land issues, building structures and council compliance.

11 credits 

22311 Explain aspects of the Unit Titles Act 2010 for real estate personnel (Level 4) (2 Credits)
23134 Demonstrate knowledge of law relating to land titles, ownership, and transfer of land (Level 5) (4 Credits)
23157 Demonstrate knowledge of building styles and materials for real estate personnel (Level 4) (3 Credits)
29882 Demonstrate knowledge of the resource management and building law relevant to real estate licensees (Level 4) (4 Credits)

2. Build and manage a database of contacts to establish and maintain a presence in the marketplace.

2 credits 

15500 Establish a personal professional presence in the real estate market (Level 4) (2 Credits)

3. Conduct property inspections and appraisals.

6 credits 

26148 Demonstrate knowledge and use of inspection and appraisal for real estate property (Level 5) (4 Credits)

4. Facilitate real estate transactions through to settlement using appropriate methods of sale.

14 credits 

23137 Demonstrate knowledge of the sale and purchase agreement and facilitate a sale of real estate (Level 5) (5 Credits)
23140 Develop marketing plans for real estate, qualify customers, and present properties for sale (Level 4) (5 Credits)
26150 Demonstrate knowledge of methods for sale of real estate in New Zealand (Level 4) (4 Credits)

5. Comply with New Zealand law and standards relevant to the real estate industry.

17 credits 

23135 Demonstrate knowledge of the law of contract and the law of agency in a real estate context (Level 4) (5 Credits)
23136 Demonstrate knowledge of consumer protection law related to real estate practice (Level 4) (4 Credits)
26149 Demonstrate knowledge of licensing and code of professional conduct under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 (Level 4) (4 Credits)
23141 Demonstrate knowledge of legislation as applied to real estate licensees (Level 5) (4 Credits)