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Residential Property Management qualification available for feedback

Skills and the Residential Property Management Consultation Group now invite the wider industry and New Zealand Public to provide feedback on the following draft documentation. Please email your agreement and/or feedback to Evangeleen Joseph ( by 5pm Monday 7 September 2020.


The New Zealand Certificate in Residential Property Management (Level 4) v3 has had minor amendments. This means the qualification is still fit for purpose. When you review the qualification, guidance has been provided to help interpret different sections.

When sending in feedback, please answer the following:

  • Will this qualification produce graduates needed for the private, public, and community housing?
  • Are the expected competencies suitable?
  • Are the education and employment opportunities suitable?

Unit standards

Each unit standard focuses specific topics that must be assessed and covers the embedded knowledge and skills for all the graduate profile outcomes.  A unit standard guides all the assessment materials. The following unit standards are used in the existing programme, and have had minor amendments.  The table below shows which unit standards meet which the qualification graduate outcomes.

Please click on the links below to review each unit standard. Guidance has been provided in unit standard 29643 and applies across all units.

Qualification outcomes Unit standards ID 

1. Establish and maintain residential tenancies in accordance with New Zealand legislation for the residential property

14 credits

29643 Establish a residential tenancy (Level 4) (8 credits)
29644 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 (Level 3) (4 credits)
29645 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of the bond system (Level 4) (3 credits)

2. Operate with broad legal, operational, and theoretical knowledge of the property when undertaking work as a property manager

5 credits

27494 Demonstrate knowledge of a body corporate for a residential property (Level 3) (1 credit)
29636 Demonstrate knowledge of legislation for residential property management (Level 4) (4 credits)

3. Establish and maintain professional relationships with landlords, tenants, and related parties

8 credits

29637 Establish and maintain professional relationships in residential property management (Level 4) (8 credits)

4. Professionally manage, market, and report on a residential property portfolio

20 credits

23157 Demonstrate knowledge of building styles, methods, and materials for real estate personnel (Level 4) (3 credits)
27485 Manage and market a residential property (Level 4) (6 credits)
27489 Inspect a residential property for rental and complete inspection reports (Level 4) (4 credits)
27774 Complete a rental appraisal report for a residential property (Level 4) (3 credits)
27775 Demonstrate knowledge of the impact of, and response to, natural disasters in residential property management (Level 4) (3 credits)

5. Manage maintenance of residential rental properties

6 credits

29642 Manage maintenance of a tenanted residential property on an ongoing basis (Level 4) (6 credits)

6. Support tenants in dealing with relevant agencies and amenity providers

2 credits

29638 Demonstrate knowledge of agencies and amenity providers in residential property management (Level 4) (2 credits)

7. Resolve tenancy conflicts using third parties where appropriate

10 credits

29640 Explain the role of the Tenancy Tribunal and manage tenancy disputes (Level 4) (10 credits)