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Workplace Health and Safety Qualifications Review 2021– Call for feedback

Skills has conducted a review of the suite of Workplace Health and Safety Qualifications on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) with a working group made up stakeholders from training providers, health and safety associations, subject matter experts from both the private and government sectors, Iwi, and industry.   

We are now collecting feedback from the wider sector.  

If you would like to comment on the revised qualifications, please email before the close of business on Thursday 12th August 2021 

Main changes made to the qualifications:

  • Some credit values aligned to Graduate Profile Outcomes (GPOs) have been changed. The overall credits of the qualifications remain the same.
  • Level 3 Certificate GPO 1 has been split into 2 GPOs to distinguish between legislative knowledge and health and safety practices.
  • Level 3 Certificate GPO Demonstrate awareness of the benefits of good workplace health and safety practices on themselves, their families, their place of work and wider community, has been incorporated into GPO 3.
  • Level 3 Certificate credit values have been rounded.
  • Minor changes have been made to the Purpose Statements, Pathways, and GPOs.
  • General Conditions for Programme have been updated to include elements of tikanga and cultural awareness for communication; and updated references to international industry standards to reflect currency.
  • The template has been updated to reflect currency.

Please click on the links below to open the proposed new versions:

New Zealand Certificate in Workplace Health and Safety Practice (Level 3) [Ref: 3533]

New Zealand Certificate in Workplace Health and Safety Practice (Level 4) [Ref: 3534]

New Zealand Diploma in Workplace Health and Safety Management 9Level 6) [Ref: 3645]

Focus questions on the changes made to the qualifications:

1) Do you agree with the credit weighting? If not, please state reasons why.

2) Do the Graduate Profile Outcomes reflect currency?

3) Do the Graduate Profile Outcomes reflect what a graduate is able to be, know and do at the qualification level?

4) Are there any barriers to graduates meeting the GPOs? If so, please state how.